Walk The Dog

If there is one place Ooch likes to be, it's at school - on stage! He specializes in school performances and works with elementary through middle school-aged students.

One thing that makes Ooch different from other performers is his ability to connect with his audiences quickly & effectively.

For elementary schoolers he's a cross between a cool older brother and a TV sitcom character... For middle school students he's more of a stand-up comic with a yo-yo and a message. For the audience as a whole he's downright entertaining and inspiring.

His shows cover a wide variety of topics but are all geared toward unlocking self-expression, realizing and embracing inner potential and nurturing a healthy state of mind and being.

Ooch's stage shows contain a little something special for everyone and cover topics such as positive daily decision-making, staying substance-free, bullying, discovering your talents and becoming successful with them, learning to love yourself and more. If curriculum-based "edutainment" is what you're looking for, he's got that, too.

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(For more information, please contact Brett Outchcunis).

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